Saturday, December 24, 2016

Out & About

Happened to glance up at the wall of the local watering hole, and caught sight of a classic. Made complete sense given that it was twenty-below, dark, and at a saloon.

Bank on it: Seen at Denali State Bank

Kinda like wandering around campus and seeing all the cartoons posted to faculty office doors and staff cubicles, I get a real kick outta seeing my work make it's way to displays at reputable establishments around the community.

This semester's field-trip to the Bear Gallery was as insightful and rewarding as ever - we used it as an excuse to experiment with some random association for the vignette assignment (previously posted here, here and here) by warming up with sampled imagery excerpted from the work on display + juxtaposed with edits from the curator's statement (always a wealth of cryptic artsy-fartsy).

And as another semester/year uh, draws to a close it's time for a brand-new sketchbook... which means in turn NEW STICKERS. Hat-tip to Lee Post and Brianna Reagan for the latest hipster accoutrements!

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