Sunday, July 24, 2016

"Walrus Selfie" + "The Alaska Penguin"

I am the walrus, in the sense that I just wish I was on a beach somewhere else. Oh well... this is as good as it gets, which works just fine.

Probably one of the more common and erroneous misconceptions of Alaska would be the presence of penguins: wrong pole but it is a prevalent stereotype given such a similar climate. To say nothing of the tendency of other two-footed residents around here to waddle around amidst the ice fog while swaddled in protective layers of bulky clothing (we'll leave alone the topic of blubber for now).

Which is certainly not to say it can serve as fodder for perpetuating the myth of their previous existence in Alaska, much less the story of their eventual and unfortunate demise.

To be sure there are a host of legendary penguins that populate the media: as a stock character they provide much in the way of comic relief, but it is critical to remember their endangered status, especially given the predicament of many polar species in the face of climate change.

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