Saturday, January 16, 2016

Meta: 7-Year Anniversary Post & Weekly Updates Update

   At the five-year benchmark I scaled back posting to weekends only, then for the six-year anniversary I made the command decision to limit activity even farther to just Saturdays + Sundays. Going off that trajectory it's become an inevitability that Ink & Snow now evolve into a weekly posting schedule on Sundays. Kinda like the Sunday funnies. There will be a certain period of bleed-off while some mothballed posts work their respective ways out from their pending status (kinda like a verbal hairball, it takes time to cough it up). From an editorial standpoint it makes sense to combine any further commentary with cartoons, either one as a sort of supplement to the other. Even if either one doesn't make much sense.

   Another aspect is the dawning realization that, not to put too fine of a point on it, I'm just about done. By that I mean pretty much everything I've wanted to say has been said sometime somewhere on this website. From random trivia to relevant resources, rants to revelations, I think it's documented in detail, sometimes excruciatingly so, I must admit. Still, from the perspective of someone who writes in the same fashion as I draw, cartoonish and caricatured, random and crazy, I'm fairly satisfied with the overall end result of this experiment. Namely in that it's been fun, and my thanks for everyone who's found some enjoyment at some aspect of the endeavor. Make no mistake - I really appreciate the eyeballs and the occasional feedback + input from the core readers that have been a constant presence over all these years, it means a lot to know there's interest and support out there.

   It's akin to my advice to Beginning Drawing students in my studio courses: ostensibly there's little to no practical benefit to taking another class with me, as in theory I ought to have imparted everything I know within the one semester. Though I usually forget stuff. So excepting the occasional news item and barring any unforeseen event that merits special mention, it'll be much more streamlined (not necessarily focused, mind you) venue for posting pontifications and insights on the creative process with particular panels. And I'm still ever-so-slowly but steadily honing in on the handful of bigger, longer works that have been in either hibernation beneath the creative compost heap or simmering away in the proverbial crock-pot of constant ideas. Diverting and divesting some crucial time, energy and attention to these projects is exciting evolution to the studio schedule. So along with the weekly installments on Sundays, I'll keep you posted - so stay 'tooned folks, and my thanks again. Cheers everybody!

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