Friday, January 16, 2015

Meta: 6 Year Anniversary/Final Friday Post

   It's enough of a challenge to try and draw every single day (and read every day no less) that it's time to throttle down the blog a bit and post only on Saturdays + Sundays. Chalk it up to judicious appropriation of resources: the good news being I'm focusing on some back-burner projects that have been in limbo for a while, and ramping up a couple new books.

   This is in keeping in line with last year's anniversary post to scale everything back to weekends only, which has panned out well enough. Eventually I see this stabilizing to posting maybe one day a week. Stats are great: the Google overlords say almost 300k page views + a whopping 4,482,675 total views on the Picasa web-albums, which aside from the approximately three million coming from just me & the Significant Otter, is more than a little baffling, even with getting slammed with bots every so often. The basic metrics still average a modest couple hundred hits a day, fractionally increasing over time, but that ain't exactly the point behind posting. And I'm gonna conversely try to take it a tad bit more seriously, at least as far as improving on content etc. No, seriously.

   Good thing I write just like I draw - which explains a lot as far as randomness and legibility: it's important to remember to not take it all so serious and try to have at least a little bit of fun. Blogging is analogous to cartooning - and creating artwork in general - in that you just keep putting it out there regardless of accolades and/or rejection. It's just something that you do anyways, like that line about "dance like nobody's watching" (there'll be an upcoming essay on just that topic + the dangers of false expectations conflated with the culture of on-line immediacy). In the meantime from here on out it'll be writing/reposting on Saturdays (hopefully more longform editorializing eventually) and swapping the funnies to Sundays. So basically just one visit a week ought to do ya.

   All that said, sure do appreciate you stopping by... it's a bonus to virtually stay in touch with some fellow artist alum, along with others in the creative community, and friends, fans + family alike, and seeing what everybody's up to and sharing recent efforts and insights. And it's also really nice to cross paths with folks out on the street or in a cafe who comment in person about a cartoon or a blog post that they recently read, and sometimes maybe see it shared on other social media platforms. Kinda in line with the 3-part harmony I constantly lecture students about with having several irons in the fire: as in on-line, in print + in person (ex: on the wall of a gallery).

   So thanks again for reading!

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