Saturday, September 12, 2015

Reposts: Hagy + Frenden + Schrooten Cartoons

Via Chris Lott (Katexic) comes sound perspective + advice from Jessica Hagy (Medium) ostenciably about blogging - but I feel one can just as easily extend the commentary to cover creating. It's a lot like making art, in that some similar fears are confronted, and there would be quite a spiffy Venn diagram overlap in the attitudinal adjustments I personally use in my own drawing process.

Hand-in-glove with her points is another honest appraisal of the qualities that make for a successful illustrator by Frenden (via Lee Post). As an old instructor of mine was fond of frequently pointing out, in order to have a career in comics, one must possess two of the following three attributes: 1) Never ever miss a deadline, 2) do the best work, and 3) be liked. So you can be a schmuck, but if you're work is awesome, and always on time with commissions, you'll do fine. Or you might not be the best artist but if you are friendly and turn stuff in on time, every time, you'll get work. And lastly you can occasionally miss deadlines but if the wait is worth it and you were a nice person about it, that's okay too. I would add a caveat that you more than likely will be up against folks who are all three all the time in the industry.

And here's a link to local Alaskan cartoonist Robert Schrooten's new website (and a Facebook page also): he's down in Anchorage doing some really fun-looking stuff for folks.

Image: Schrooten Cartoons