Sunday, June 7, 2015

Edit: "Only in Alaska" - NSF(yard)W

Haven't put up an edit for a while, been so focused on family-friendly funnies as of late, but every so often... well, stuff just slips on out the other end of the pen. And in all probability this panel's perhaps more particular to our neck of the woods here in the Interior, but I'm sure folks just about everywhere can relate.
Also, you might notice a wee bit o' blurry with this one: it's an example of something gone horribly, tragically wrong with mixing up solvents: specifically grabbing the can of Krylon gloss instead of workable fixative + a fresh watercolor wash = "Watch me bleed/bleed forever." But seeing as how it's not going to ever appear anywhere but here, as per George Carlin, I didn't sweat the petty.
(full panel tucked under the fold)


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    1. It's a good thing I always reflexively cock my head sideways in a quizzical expression when trying to figure out those mysterious technoglyphics...