Saturday, June 6, 2015

Anna Bongiovanni + Everyday Feminism

   Originally from the 'Banks (she visited the Cartoon & Comic Art class a couple years ago), Anna Bongiovanni has been collaborating on a wonderful new webcomic feature for Everyday Feminism. Though one might not think someone like me, ie middle-aged, white hetero guy, fits the demographic of its target audience, these are topics that damn well ought to be addressed by everyone: it's crucial to see the conversation expanding and issues unfortunately always seem to arise from ignorance if not outright prejudice + fear. Besides being educational + entertaining, as usual I really dig the artwork.
   Here's Anna's website Bikes, Babes & Booze, and oh look... there's also a Patreon page too!

Update: via Boing Boing ("Simple comic explains how not to derail conversations about gender identity") here's a cartoon from Robot Hugs.

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