Saturday, April 18, 2015


"Education is among my highest priorities. Teachers, your job is difficult, and these challenging times introduce uncertainty. I want you to know we value your service." - State of the Budget 2014
The Walker administration's transitional government proceeds apace. Prescient posts aside, it's a telling reveal to witness what legislative priorities are in store for our state. At least he's making the trains trucks run on time (h/t John). That and I can kiss off any hopes of a Governor's Award for the Arts nomination...

I am once again reminded of Alaska's official centennial license plate, which in fact depicts a long line of economic refugees fleeing the state to find work somewhere else.

Update: Another example that is indicative of not taking the issues facing education seriously would be the nomination of yet another member to the state education board who lacks both classroom experience and represents the interests of private schools (as do many members of the legislature who are themselves advocates and alumni of private schools).
JUNEAU -- Gov. Bill Walker on Thursday defended his appointment of a principal at a private Catholic high school to the state education board, which was sharply criticized by a state teachers union.
Walker’s other board of education appointee is Keith Hamilton, the founding president of Alaska Christian College in Soldotna, a position he’s held since 2000. Nathaniel Herz/Alaska Dispatch News

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