Sunday, April 12, 2015

In Through the Outhouse: It Will Roll Downhill

Seem to be passing a lot of opinionated panels these days...

This one's dovetailed with the mushrooming education funding fiasco (see "The Sack of the Arts" here): for the predictably reactionary instincts of politicians who would never let a good disaster go to waste - especially one of their own cultivation - inevitably reveals their partisan opportunism.

And so the feeding frenzy over the state's impending financial implosion continues apace:
According to the Alaska Dispatch News, Bishop filed Senate Bill 97 to create what he calls an “education tax.” Anyone making $10,000 or more annually would be taxed at a rate of $100. The rate goes up to $200 for people who make $50,000 or more annually. And the rate would be capped at $500 for earners who make $500,000 or more annually. 
“That means people who earn $10,000 would be forced to pay a tax representing 1 percent of their annual income, while those who make more than $500,000 would pay no more than 0.1 percent,” the Alaska Dispatch News noted. - Raw Story
As per an astute comment by a friend on the related story posted by the local paper:
"So let's be clear about this.... You gave the oil producers a huge tax break last session and now you're increasing our taxes to pay for it? How the f$%& does that work!?"...

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