Friday, November 14, 2014

Pop Con 2014 (Updated)

The folks at UAF Student Activities are resurrecting Pop Con, and I’ll have a table today (Friday the 14th) from 3-10pm, plus again tomorrow (Saturday the 15th) from 2-9pm somewhere at this gig. The plan is to showcase some of the archives with a display of samples from previous student works in both the Summer Sessions Cartoon & Comic Arts course (the upcoming season/2015 will be its 9th year), and also feature fabulous material from the Visual Art Academy Cartooning classes.

Stop by for a visit (I’ll be doing public demos both days on advanced doodling/penciling/inking/watercolor) & bring some folks by that might be interested in either of these opportunities with sequential arts.

It's been many, many years since I sat in on one of these - back in the day it was called ArcticCon, and I was a little outta my element what with the overwhelming focus of the event being on either gaming or manga/anime, neither of which I'm terribly interested in, as basically all I do is basically sit around and draw cartoons. Weirdo. Though it is kinda funny feeling out of place amidst people who are usually too nerdy or geeky to fit in with other folks - which is still a wonderful place to be anyways. Maybe if I wore a big beaver suit? Hmmm....

Update: day one went great with good turnout and lots of folks dropping by, taking a peak at some pages and asking questions. In the meantime this is the best cosplay I could come up with:

Next year I'll sport a tail...

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