Sunday, August 3, 2014

"Polyhedron Bubble" - Reception Follow-up

People reading comics.

Nice turnout for splendid show and a great chance to see firsthand all the bonus process material on display at the reception for Christopher Green's show at the UAF Fine Art department this past 1st Friday. The diversity of attendees were quite pleasantly surprised by the unique assemblage of pieces, many having never seen comics jump off the printed page and get plastered around a gallery.

Talking about making comics + more people reading comics.

It was such a genuine pleasure on so many levels to see his wonderful work come back home and feed the creative community – inspiring everyone from aspiring talents to teachers, professionals to occasional doodlers, all ages and interests. Special thanks to Christopher and all his fans, friends & family, for all their time, help and support in putting everything together for the event.

Another person reading even more comics.

Opening aside, the foot-traffic has been steady during the weekdays, with many folks stopping in to check out the cacophony of imagery + imagination sprawling around the room, which tends to  double-check any random passer-by, draw them in and pin their gaze to the wall for a spell. The pieces will still all be on the walls throughout next week, so feel free to wander by for a visit, grab a comic and hit the couch.

A couple reading comics together.

Now back to the drawing board…

A couple comics creators.

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