Sunday, July 27, 2014

Exhibit: Christopher Green & The Polyhedron Bubble

Interior residents are in for a real special treat for the next coupla weeks: comics artist Christopher Green has an exhibition up starting Monday evening at the UAF Fine Arts gallery, with an opening reception this Friday, the 1st Friday of August. He's also an alum of the Cartoon & Comic Art course at UAF Summer Sessions and veteran of 24-Hour Comics (incidentally this show also dovetails quite nicely with a great display of the current class' work which is posted throughout the Fine Art department's hallway showcases). Chris has previously returned to our creative community to share and host comic-related events and it's always super great to have him back again for a visit in this neck of the woods.
Please come see the works on display that features recent imagery and documents Chris' recent experiences and also showcasing his processes at creating the work. UPDATE: see here for a few more samples + here for a follow-up post to the reception.

As of late I've become quite fond of showing off his book from last year "Where Ever Flows The River": whimsical, playful linework is matched up with an almost haphazard wash of muted color, and the varying arrangements of panels + lettering (in a couple of languages no less) works in perfect tandem with the narrative rhythm. The family fable unfolds as we meanders though a story that explores how the characters react and progress in their quest, as the group attempts to uncover their curious lineage in this both naive and crafty drama. All of Chris' artistic elements combine into something not unlike the mysterious creatures that lumber and flit across his imaginary world: familiar and yet new - at times the whimsical and fantastical imagery shares a secret place where Winsor McCay is playing with Hergé after mushrooms & wine: a pure delight to look at and a worthwhile, satisfying read. Can't wait to see the newer pieces in the gallery... speaking of:
Polyhedron Bubble -- Comics Art: From Idea to Object

An exhibition of comics work by Fairbanks and Toronto-based cartoonist, mumblethief christopher green. Stages in the production of a comic book will be on display: penciled and inked pages, preliminary sketches, watercolours and more! The final printed comics will also be available for reading and purchase. 

Mumblethief Christopher Green was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska and is a UAF graduate and the Sequential Artists Workshop in Gainesville Fla. His comics are motivated by a desire to share the sights and stories found while exploring the physical, spiritual, and imaginary worlds he has encountered. His work has been featured in the UAF Sunstar,, mural art outside the entrance to the UAF Woodcenter's Pub, and can be viewed at Wall Of Balloons, and art comics festivals and comic shops across the U.S., Canada, and Japan.

Opening Event: Friday, August 1, 5-8pm
On display: July 29 - August 9, 2014, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
University Art Gallery, located to the left of the UAF Great Hall in room 313 of the Art Department wing of the Fine Arts Complex.
Admission is free.
Call 907-347-7064, or email for more information

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