Friday, June 13, 2014

Recap: Wild Arts Walk 2014

"Uncle Henry and Auntie Em!"

   Took a little time out this past weekend to step up and participate in a local gathering of rock-star caliber artists in support of the annual Wild Arts Walk, a fundraiser put on by the fine people at Design Alaska to benefit a great organization: Friends of Creamer's Field. Here's a historical post from way back in 2009, and another, more recent one from 2013 (+ the follow-up). This is by far one of my favorite causes in Fairbanks and special places in the community which I never hesitate to recommend to any visitor to the Interior, as well as taking many of my own drawing classes on field trips to do some seasonal sketching.
Some more below the fold...

   As evidenced by the snapshot above, what started out as a hot, sweaty summer day slowly turned into quite the foreboding and ominous situation: I joined the herd of stampeding participants in beating a hasty retreat after many people had their tents and artwork actually blown away by some serious gusting winds, which meant bailing on the event a half an hour ahead of schedule, but as I couldn't keep anything on the table it became prudent to pack up and call it a day. Though true to intrepid Alaskan fortitude a sagacious ol' timer observed that "Well hey - at least it's keepin' the mosquitoes down."

   Here's a handful of the folks who generously gave of their time & talents and some linkage to more info about their work too:

Randall Compton
Margaret Donet
Iris Sutton
Sarah DeGennaro

   Really want to take the time here to give a super big thank-you to the awesome organizers and all the hard working volunteers that pulled off another successful fundraising event, as well as the other artists who gave up some time and energy to support wonderful place.

   And sooner than later you'll get to see the process post behind the particular panel that I created for the benefit auction: I drew two versions of the same cartoon (pen + ink & watercolor), one of which will run as a Nuggets feature sometime over the summer: stay 'tooned.

Out in the proverbial fields peddling wares...

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