Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hell Yeah: Raw & Real

Congrats to Alex Rydlinski, artist & guitarist for Turbid North, for scoring one hell of a prize:
In celebration of Black Sabbath's long-awaited reunion tour and the European extension, Black Sabbath are inviting aspiring designers from around the world to submit their best graphic artwork as inspired by the catalogue of music from the original Black Sabbath lineup, including the provided "Loner" video. One artist, as selected by Black Sabbath, will have their artwork produced and featured on a t-shirt to be sold on the European leg of their tour. 
Alex's illustration "God Is Dead?" beat out an impressive roster of submissions and is another example of his awesome draftsmanship + design that stands alongside the outstanding work done for his band (see previous post here, and check out his website here).
"Inspired by the new album. Drawn with pen and ink on bristol. Raw and real, the way Sabbath has done it all along"
Here's to you Alex, can't wait for the new pelt.

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