Saturday, May 3, 2014


Catching up on some backlog: Originally doodled during my tenure in Maine, so it was kinda weird to draw a big black bird and for once not have it be a raven. The difference being in the (lack of) a goatee - that and the fact that there aren't any crows in this neck of the woods (there are a lot of lawyers though). We are super lucky to have a cabin that's right along a major flyway en route to a roost right over the hill in the next valley over, so two times a day we're treated to a veritable cacophony of vocalizations as they flap to and fro. (Edited for clarification: ravens, not lawyers, which tend to congregate in the core downtown area)


  1. A flapping cacophony of lawyers?

  2. As opposed to a gathering of crows ("murder") the avian nomenclature for a group of ravens is an "unkindness." Which one could easily apply to a comparable number of lawyers. Also, it's often quite impossible to understand what either group is saying.