Friday, September 6, 2013

Market Day

Pelts piled upon the Lodge of Levity

I was peddling wares at the Tanana Valley Farmers Market - I set up there far less often than I'd like, as it's an awesome assemblage of talent and time to spend a day chatting with folks, friends and fans. On the table was the usual artistic smorgasbord of stuff - the back catalog of books + originals - leavened with overflow from the Overflow XXV show (leftover catalogs + refrigerator magnets + tshirts). I'll probably have a table at a few other holiday bazaars and at least one last-minute signing before Xmas.

Medley: Vegging Out

One of my personal favorites is a regular presence: Sarah Holm's Fish Head Studio is becoming a delightful and iconic fashion statement: her stylish and discriminating designs (hand-printed) are both identifiable and unique. Market Day (actually two days a week: the traditional Saturdays and now on Wednesdays too) is also a chance to organically support local makers and growers of all good things. It's a veritable cornucopia of everything from garments, honey, ceramics, woodcraft, kettle corn, Thai food to tacos, and fruits & veggies of every conceivable type. At 7am a huge truck backs up and disgorges some legendary Alaskan carrots which promptly forms a line of eager customers in the morning's frosty air. By noon it's all gone, but there are many, many other tasty victuals to browse through while filling one's baskets of bounty. Makes me more than a little homesick...

Another close encounter with a big, smelly, hairy arctic animal (at least I shaved).

The fabulous Lacie stopped by and scored some original oxen work: I really like how more and more it's getting to where I actually prefer the pen & ink + wash versions of panels now to the printed permutations. Just one of many superfun good times had with the wonderful folks at the Tanana Valley Farmers Market: see y'all next season.

"More cowbell": the opening clarion!

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