Saturday, July 6, 2013

Followup: "Seen the Cat Lately" (watercolor version)

(click image for larger view)

Back in April I did a process post documenting the evolution of this particular panel (backlink here), and the original pen & ink piece was thereafter relegated to the mulch-pile to await further treatment. Lo and behold, a new box of Derwent "Graphitints" arrived in the mail, which was all the excuse I needed to start experimenting. So I managed to utilize all twenty-four colors, including black and white, plus everything in-between, along with "importing" a couple extra ones from the "Inktense" series. The piece is 11x14" and looks great with a triple-thick glaze to bring out the inner luster, or as much luster all that hairiness can muster.


  1. Wait a minute, are those two living together? Are you supporting same-sourdough relationships?

    Nice coloring, though!

  2. Thanks: and well, in the Grand Sense we all live here together in Alaska... and from my experience volume of hair isn't necessarily gender-specific in this neck of the woods either...
    "Same-sourdough" ... love it...

  3. Real color and tone are always richer than digitally-applied color and tone. BTW, are they both harboring cats? The first time through, looking at the process sketches, I keyed on the striped tail under the hat of the guy with his back to us. And I hoped it indicted the cat was under the hat, not that the person had made a fur hat out of the other guy's cat.

  4. Rest assured no cats were harmed (though a veritable menagerie are usually used in many an Alaskan ensemble). The idea was actually inspired by one of my critter's habit of instantaneously transporting himself into any preparatory pile of winter-wear. I hate disturbing a good power-snuggle, so I admonished him that one of these days he'll just get incorporated into the whole hairy mess and find himself out on the trail.

  5. I used to carry one foundling kitten in my vest when she was small and needed frequent medication. She's a shoulder-rider who has come out skiing a few times. As for snuggling, I hate to leave a good pile of purring on cold winter mornings.