Saturday, May 4, 2013

"Sure Signs of Spring"

   Let your mind off the leash and you never know where it'll wander. In this case I was brainstorming over greenup, which was kicking it out all over this neck of the woods. Not entirely sure how I got from burgeoning buds to this panel, but okay... whatever...
   Been thinking a lot about the fundamentals of teaching beginning drawing again, and so the basics come into play with this panel: fore/middle/background + foreshortening and overlapping of elements to imply some depth. To the pictorial plane, that is.
   After submitting it to the paper, it was in the back of my mind to call 'em up and have it trashed, as it was a just a little bit too weird for the regular readers, but forgot all about it until opening up the paper over breakfast. Turns out based on feedback from random folks afterwards it was a hit anyways. I love my friends.

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