Sunday, May 5, 2013

Digital Tweak

Quick resample of a student piece which, while not fulfilling the exact criteria for the assignment in question (18x24" graphite on drawing paper instead of 9x12" wash on Bristol), was nevertheless an excellent example of salvaging a very nice image anyways. One of the missing links in many a piece done for a drawing class is to emphasize the verb aspect of creating art: it's a process, whereby the core result can be continually recycled or re-purposed via digital means into a complimentary set of potential illustrations.

To arrive at the finished spot posted above, I ran through the following steps using Photoshop (total time about twenty minutes):
1) raw iPhone image
2) Photoshop: auto tone + contrast, adjust> shadow/highlight
3) Filter: watercolor, brush over background for contrast
4) Sepia filter + boost + blur edges, crop5) add font, dropshadow, signature

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