Saturday, May 25, 2013


A fun panel playing with the contrast between straight lines and breaking a visual rhythm with organic ones. Done mostly from memory of the many many loads exhumed from self-storage during and after migrating.

Usually I work out the shading on the fly after scanning + cleanup on the computer, but occasionally I need to stop a minute and think about things in advance (doesn't happen much in the either the studio or in life). Also as the sketchbook doodle shows there was a spinoff of other possible directions that all started hatching from the original concept, and as is usually the case, keeping it simpler is the best idea.


  1. This is a creative way of showing what self storage is thru lines, curves and contrast. Even if this is drawn in black and white, it does not stop the brain from imagining what a self storage is like. My wife doodles as a hobby, and she has done so many of these whenever she would visit me in the office, before we had children. Most of the time, she would doodle on the items brought to the self storage facility. But her drawings were more of rough sketches, rather than a finished cartoon.

  2. Well hey some cartoons are just that - rough sketches/unfinished drawings: some would argue that's a definition of a cartoon. So you should encourage her to pick up a pen again - there's probably a niche market in just self-storage material too!