Sunday, April 7, 2013

"King of Imagination," " "No Reference Key" and "Spheres of Influence"

A few highlights from the recent round of 1st Friday exhibitions in the Interior: Jess Peña's "No Reference Key" is on display at Well Street Art Co. for the month of April, posted here is a sample of one of the large-scale drawings (graphite + ink on acetate) in the show. I often muse aloud to classes the analogy of studying anatomy to help better understand the mechanisms going on "behind the scenes" when introducing the topic of figure drawing, and it follows that basic geology will in turn inform one's landscapes as well. For me, those two perspectives are meshed perfectly together in several of this series, as the earth we scrabble and toil across is but a skin wrapped over the bones and muscle of the land.

Also well worth mentioning was another former drawing student's BFA thesis show at UAF, "Spheres of Influence" by Ian Wilkinson. Ten months of throwing and over a thousand ceramic bowls later, here is a rare show which is a perfect amalgamation of skill, craftsmanship and vision: a pointed commentary on the injustices of social inequality and hunger. The installation is complimented by a wall of cradled vessels shot by photographer Todd Paris (website). 
Update: another great article about the show in the UAF Sun Star here.

Last but not least, just put up a profile of Lucas Elliott: great profile of another excellent local talent.

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