Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Damn! Cartoons

Via a post on The Daily Cartoonist comes notice of a new slew of videos (now added to the Editorial Cartooning You Tube channel) highlighting "#!&% CARTOONS!!: A Festival Celebrating the Political Cartoon" - link to official website here - earlier in September at George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs. The event was hosted by the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists who orchestrated two days of panels and presentations.

Sixteen Pulitzer Prize winners and another sixteen equally skilled practitioners were on hand to present insightful and informative commentaries such as the "Chalk Talks." Included on the roster were many of my favorite contemporary creators such as David Horsey, Matt Wuerker, Clay Bennett and especially Tom Toles. Toles spoke critically about aspects of his work in a lecture titled "The Five Secrets of Editorial Cartooning" (alternately "The Five Myths of Editorial Cartooning), addressing his unique style and the motivation + method behind it:

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