Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tshirts: Wildlife

Client: Denali Education Center. In a lot of these older designs one can see the strong influence of all those years using Zip-a-Tone/Letraset halftone gradient sheets on my cartoons. Translated into screenprinting it allows for some creative fudging by getting away with using another value range without technically paying for an additional screen or color. Thus the above 6-color print utilizes some dot to create the illusion of two extra colors or tints (ex: antlers + pants).

Client: The Wildlife Society/UAF Student Chapter. Same effect used to create a range of grayscales - this is only a 1-color print but with careful use of the screen and squeegee, a full range of values can be achieved. It's an economic solution that comes in handy when dealing with non-profits on a tight budget.

Client: Some dude running for office in the FNSB. I'll vote for anyone who supports the arts and has an equally stupid sense of humor as I do.

Client: NAEC. Another aspect of the older tshirt designs that I really enjoyed and miss doing was the meticulous hand-lettering in cartoony/balloon-style. As a result of youthful indiscretions I picked up a useful habit of being able to knock out large areas of lettering relatively quickly.

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