Saturday, September 15, 2012


As alluded to in a previous post, here's a follow-up on all the recent resettling efforts: this time it's a boomerang back to the 'Banks!
Long strange trip and all that, leading to a full (arctic) circle: from adventures back East in Maine + Savannah and - to quote Bilbo - there & back again. After all this yo-yoing about... it'll be nice to come home and be amongst old friends. Maybe even stay put this time... for a while.
This cartoon gave me an idea to start fomenting a new show, a sort of homecoming that'd be a 3-part harmony of Maine/Georgia/Alaska. The drawing initially sprawled from a series of doodles about the screaming geese, and at one point during penciling my dreaded inner art critic pointed out how the beaver's technically on the wrong side of the road. But as is usually the case with such internal monologues, the diametrically opposed inner cartoonist astutely pointed out that, well, when the hell was the last time you ever saw a beaver hitch-hiking?

Honk if you're migrating: When your inner GPS sez GTFO

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