Thursday, September 20, 2012

Interlude: Floodwaters of the Little Su

We interrupt this regularly scheduled posting of past classics in cartoon-wear to bring you an important update on all the storm action happening in this neck of the woods. The Anchorage area's been getting hammered as of late with three whoppers piling into the area in as many weeks - but only this last one has spilled over up into the valley resulting in road closures, flash floods and evacuations of some smaller communities (along with causing no end of misery further on down the coast in Seward etc.). Just a few short minutes up the road from our place the Little Susitna river is fixing to jump the banks with an absolutely insane show of force that shakes the ground with its power and fury.

Update II: Turned the corner, the weather finally broke and the water's on it's way down.
Update: seems the "flood advisory" which was supposed to wind down at 6pm has been officially updated to "flood warning" by the National Weather Service. Over the past 24-hours I've been checking on conditions every so often, and just ten hours after posting the clip above I shot this next one below (again using the iPhone + finished with iPhoto & iMovie on the iMac). Standing next to this awesome cataclysmic display reminds me of a time in highschool when a buddy and I skipped out to catch an impromptu Greyhound to Niagara Falls, and we stood right next to the lip of the American Falls. Also brings to mind my last two weeks of residency in Georgia (outside of Savannah in a place called Eden) while working on the MFA @ SCAD - I actually had to commute from the highway via canoe to my little cottage on the banks of the Ogeechee River. I'd sit out on the porch with five feet of water churning away underneath and mull to myself "never rent a house that's up on stilts."

Anyways, a couple hours after that last footage, the Little Susitna has started to break through the border of boulders, rocks and dirt, and is now spilling onto the Palmer-Fishook road. Put in a call to the Borough's Emergency Op Ctr and they appreciated the update, seeing as how if this keeps up they'll probably shut down  the road in a couple more hours. No worries here yet, we're playing it safe and have plenty of breathing room so far... although the water running through the forest across the street is kinda weird.
Other areas are a disaster, but better weather's ahead, and so until then...

"There ain't nothing you can do to stop it
Just hope for the best and mop up the rest"

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