Monday, October 10, 2011

On the Banks of the Ogeechee River

Here's a couple snapshots of the neat little 2-room cottage I rented for the majority of my tenure in Georgia 8-10 years ago. Though with the benefit of hindsight it's a big hint that if the place is built up on stilts, there's probably a real good chance there will be a flood sometime. And so for one memorable week during my last quarter of classes I actually wound up canoeing from my house to where the pickup would be parked up by the main road. The water peaked at three steps below the door, and made for some mighty interesting moments while sitting there perched over the torrent, contemplating the ebb and flow of Life.
Many a good time over my tenure down South was had out on this porch; overlooking the slow and easy flow, immersed in the surround-sound of crickets, frogs and birds, and waiting for the fireflies to come out for their nightly waltz with the stars.

The sunken living room was framed in by some big windows that every evening, at the "magic hour," would stream in the sunset as it was reflected off the river out front. Filtered through the Spanish moss hanging off the live oaks that cradled the house, it suffused the room with a peaceful, translucent glow. That is, until it was time for banjo practice.
The Ogeechee River is the longest river left undammed on the East Coast, and I got to spend many a day exploring its length by kayak and canoe, paddling up and down a ten mile or so section as it meandered its way though this neck of the woods. Every so often I was treated to unexpected diversions that merited a temporary beaching and foray on foot. Similar to this past summer's experience out on the island in Maine, the daily ritual of observation opened up a meditative quality and deeper appreciation about the always shifting personality and subtle moods brought about by changing conditions, seasonal fluctuations and time of day. It is a beautiful river and it, along with all the folks I met along the way, made my stay in Eden a wonderful memory I'll never forget...

UPDATE: To be continued in tomorrow's post... now that they've gone and fucked it all up....

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