Friday, August 3, 2012

"The View"

What with all the migrating our little herd has done over the last coupla years, this panel is based on firsthand experience. Mainly my penchant for innumerable pit-stops, which adds a few extra hours to any outing. But the inexorable aesthetic anesthetizing sets in and one becomes more concerned with the destination as opposed to the journey, as my last bomber-run to storage in Fairbanks can attest to: a six-hour drive without even stopping once. Well, excepting the obvious biological imperatives. Still, even the occasional idea can be done on the run, as seen by the initial doodle posted here to the left (and you thought idiots driving with cell-phones were bad). But seriously, it's a sure sign of the summer season when a quick pull-off to whip out a sketch results in the "drawing flies" theory of tourist attraction ("hey - what're they lookin' at?"). Guess I'm literally making it up as I go along...

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