Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Seekins' Alaska

     FWIW: One more quickie under the wire, as far as primaries go. Imagine my surprise after moving back to Alaska to find myself staring at roadside trash a Ralph Seekins election sign just down the road from our new digs. Seems like the latest redistricting fiasco meant new territorial pissings, and this particular candidate evidently hopes to cash in on the ignorance of the residents about his utterly thorough trouncing the last time he tried running. A reminder that this is also the same guy who proudly emceed a rally last year in Fairbanks where National Park Service/Nazi swastika bumperstickers were handed out and Gestapo badges were given out as prizes.
     While there are many reasons to oppose his candidacy, this one is perhaps the biggest:
A pledge of allegiance has become an issue in the GOP state primary in Fairbanks.
Not that pledge.
This one: "I (fill in the blank) do pledge that if elected to the Alaska State Legislature, I will not join a coalition in which Republicans do not hold the majority."
The bottom of the pledge says that "failure to sign and return to the district committee will be grounds for refusal of ARP (Alaska Republican Party) services and contributions." – Dermot Cole, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
     The mentality behind signing such loyalty oaths, which Seekins is promoting, is what has contributed to the partisan incompetence that has gutted democracy in America and effectively crippled our government. Seekins would be right at home with corrupt politicians that would rather see their own party's agenda advanced at any expense, even the complete collapse of the United States.

     While on one hand it'd be quite the gift horse for an editorial cartoonist, I still sincerely hope this clown loses today's primary. As opposed to the same level of thinking that is motivating Seekins, one has to consider the innocent bystanders caught up under his partisan rule - not that he would care about anyone or represent anyone else other than Republicans anyways.

- Click Bishop (49%) defeated David Eastman (21%) and Ralph Seekins (30%) for the Republican nomination in Fairbanks’ District C.

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