Sunday, August 26, 2012

Save the Coast: Yes on 2

     Not that you'd ever really need a reason for drawing an otter blowing bubbles in the bath, but seriously, there is a message here: big day at the polls coming up this week, and a lot is riding on one particular measure. Really big, seeing as how the coastline of Alaska is longer than both the Atlantic + Pacific for the Lower 48 combined... that's a lot of ground to cover. The Alaska Sea Party, a "statewide grassroots organization comprised of municipal leaders and concerned citizens" is promoting a ballot initiative called "An Act establishing the Alaska Coastal Management Program" which can be read in full here along with a lot more information at the Alaska Coastal Management homepage.

     One notable aspect of this initiative is the overwhelming amount of Outside money that is literally attempting to buy the vote. As Wickersham's Conscience astutely observes, following the money trail in this case provides one with more than enough incentive to suspect the motives of the loyal opposition. Other Alaskan blogs What Do I know?, Shannyn Moore and The Mudflats both have succinct and detailed breakdowns of this issue - proving that the company one keeps can also be an indicator of which side you should support - and former (full-term) governor Tony Knowles also weighs in at Alaska Dispatch.

It's really important: This Tuesday the 28th - vote to Save the Coast, vote YES on 2. Thank you.

Update: As it turned out, we were officially bought out by Outside interests, but like the tide it'll resurface again and we won't give up.

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  1. yes on 2 gives all Alaskans a voice, Vote no and big oil and mining companies will run Alaska.