Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cover II: Anchorage Press

   Follow-up to an earlier post on that cover for the Anchorage Press - here's the final image + a shot of the actual issue below. And yes, that little-known peak in the Talkeetna Range known as Turd Mountain did make the cut.

   Hit a little speed-bump during the coloring (Think Mount Doom rendered in pastel), as given the vast expanse of snow it was a challenge to come up with a tone (which ultimately was either "Eggshell" or "Antique White") that wouldn't turn icky-poo upon printing, and still do the job of representing "white" which isn't an option on newsprint.
   As a side-note, there has been some press coverage of similar situations over on Mount Everest: wanna-be mountaineers are literally creating foot-traffic jams what with the guiding companies shuttling their herds of wealthy clients who might be better off watching documentaries at home instead.

(Historically this is actually a long line of people leaving the state to find work)


  1. Yeah, the big-mountain experience: feces and dead people.

  2. I would have put some of those in the picture, but that would have been tasteless.
    As opposed to a mountain of shit.