Monday, May 21, 2012

Cover II: Anchorage Press (Roughs)

   Uncap the Sharpie: another last-minute commission preempted the scheduled graphic novel review I was writing for next week's issue of the Anchorage Press. The cover story here is about the environmental impact of accumulating human waste on Mount McKinley, something I actually made fun of here in a cartoon last year. So I incorporated that initial idea into a couple of the series of roughs submitted for editorial edification, each successive one a variation on the theme. As with the process for the previous assignment, quick & dirty saves the day: just the base sketch with several other elements pasted on helped visualize the concept.
   I'm partial to "D" as the color scheme will highlight the fact all the climbers are still roped up in line. Adding the roll of toilet paper to the mix might still be an option, though it might clutter up the composition - leaving that call up to someone else. "A" is nice and simple, open enough to accommodate other page elements added by the layout artist on staff, while "B" is probably the weakest, if not the stupidest.
   It'll be interesting to see if Turd Mountain makes the final cut, subtly tucked off in the background.

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