Saturday, May 5, 2012

"Round Up the Unusual Suspects"

   For yesterday's 1st Friday we made our first opening in the cultural epicenter of Alaska: Anchorage cartoonist Peter Dunlap Shohl unveiled "Round Up the Unusual Suspects: Portraits of Imagination." It showcases selected portraits from his "Pete's Pantheon" series, which can be viewed over at his blog, Frozen Grin.
   The eclectic collection features Jay Hammond, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Thorstein Veblen and six other diverse individuals, each initially rendered using Sketchbook Pro on an iPad. I really have an appreciation for digital art that retains the aesthetics of looking as if a human hand created it, and this series meshes the innate character of the subjects with an expressive line and use of texture that maintains a graphic, manual sensibility.

   It's well worth a visit (the show's up for the month of May) to see the full-sized professionally printed and framed limited-edition versions on display, and a great excuse to partake of the exceptionally tasty baked goods made at Fire Island Rustic Bakery.

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