Saturday, May 5, 2012

"Homeland Insecurity"

The beloved agents at the TSA has been at it again, keeping us safe from terrorists like little kids, the handicapped, 95-year old veterans, and "anomalies in the crotch area" of 79-year-old women.
In keeping with that theme, I made a last-minute alteration to the above panel, as compared with the wash version posted below. The schmucks at Homeland Security seem to really excel at shitting all over America's yard so as to more effectively deter those who hate our freedoms. And we, having failed at keeping our own government on a short leash, are left to pick up the mess. 
Or keep stepping in it.

On a kinder, gentler note, this piece was an impromptu demo done while crashing at a friend's place in Fairbanks, a cool opportunity to work with a budding young talent. The real inspiration behind the panel comes from tiptoeing the minefields of many a yard during breakup in Alaska.

"I can't wait for show & tell tomorrow"

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