Friday, May 18, 2012

"Moose X-ing" (Ruminating Over Ruminants)

A fitting bookend to the last post, especially given our new neighbors (see below).
During the epic odyssey of a road-trip while moving from Maine back to Alaska, we had a few particular days of surreal, roadside wonder: one evening we drove through a herd of majestic elk; followed by an night-time encounter with a herd of ginormous bison (who take their own damn sweet time ambling wherever they want to go) that temporarily blocked the road, the next day saw a herd of Dall sheep - fortunately his time above us perched up on a hillside - and finally a herd of caribou crossed the highway right in front of us.
Of course we weren't holding our breath over the inevitable appearance of the signature animal for Alaska, so there was no small sense of irony in a completely mooseless voyage.

(The only thing worse than texting while driving is a cartoonist who gets a great idea when they're driving)

Fast-forward to the first day driving to the new digs - a grand total of eleven moose were milling about the Palmer Hay Flats. It's something else to witness six lanes of traffic hurtling along the Glenn Highway brought to a complete standstill by one of these lumbering speed-bumps. There really isn't much of an alternative, and the rate of highway fatalities due to moose-versus-vehicle encounters in Alaska is a sobering statistic. As I finished drawing this panel and writing up a post entry, there are two cows + three yearlings hanging around outside our chalet. Nice enough neighbors, even if they do tend to eat everything in sight and than poop all over the place.

This would be the reason Bird-Dog is somewhat constipated in the morning.

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