Wednesday, April 18, 2012

(Another) Update From the Road


After several weeks of being on the road, and approximately 4,832.9 miles later, it's almost time to start seriously gathering some moss. 
Patiently waiting for room service to change the damn litterbox (and to please bring some fresh catnip also), Souchie for one (pictured above), is also ready to roll to a stop. Extended camping-out in many a hotel suite gets a wee bit stale, even if it was fun clogging the vending machines with all the amassed nickles and dimes left over from our epic and insane cross-country odyssey.

Talkeetna Range and the Matanuska River

But at long last, we signed a lease for swank new digs located in Hatcher Pass, right out back of Palmer. I lobbied long and hard to try for a toehold in Girdwood, more my ideal style of community, but no complaints - this ain't bad at all. Kinda like Acadia on steroids, we're nestled right up against the Talkeetna Mountains, with sweeping views of the adjoining Chugach Mountains, and also in close proximity to both the Wrangell and Alaska Ranges.

The (Really Really) Great One

Sooner than later I'll be stuffing yet another new Picasa web-album full of the 500+ images from the road trip, and eventually compile the many pages of miscellaneous notes and sketches into a upcoming blog post as well. But for now it's some sorely needed staying put, and then some catching up on cartoons and correspondence...


  1. So, I'm confused. Not that it takes much.

    You've gone back to Alaska. But something you wrote prior to leaving led me to believe you will be returning to Maine. Am I hallucinating? And, if not, is it really any of MY damn business??!

    Send me your snail mail address, please, when you get a moment.

  2. You probably are hallucinating anyways, but I ain't helping much.
    I fully intend to return, at the very least to be at NEXT year's MeCAF. That'd be on account of nobody else will sell a damn thing anyways what with your new book being out now!
    Speaking of getting me a copy (personally signed and stained with butter) - soon as we get a local address I'll let ya know. Right now I have mail simultaneously* being forwarded and held at multiple locations across America.

    *Firesign Theater said it best: "How can you be in two places at once when you're not anywhere at all."