Sunday, April 15, 2012

"Open Up a Browser"

One of the occasional panels where I experimented with dropping the border, plus an early test with pen & ink on watercolor paper and a non-vectored image. Also edited copious amounts of gratuitous gore (pools, splatters and driplets of blood) as it was a wee bit overkill. The gratuitous nuggets stayed.

Prompted by a new annoying Facebook window that keeps wanting to be my browser's home page.


  1. That pop-up window sounds a bit like malware.

    As a long-time retail employee I have many cartoons related to browsers. I just haven't scanned any of them. I was going to do third and fourth editions of Nordic Confidential since they related to the shop I was running in a touring center at that time.

    1. At this point Facebook can almost be considered malware unto itself.
      And get 'im scanned!