Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Spammish Mosh" - Storyboarding

I've covered storyboarding here a couple times before, both from my own class and also from show & tells done for other folks, but here's  a short experiment underway for the Digital Issues course this quarter. The assignment was to submit rough pencil sketches of simple compositions on a template for eventual usage in an upcoming animatic that's essentially a Quick Time movie exported from Photoshop. My version actually was imported into iMovie (which I've previously goofed off with) and included extra editing in Soundbooth for additional features. Posted here are the preliminary thumbnails where I tried to figure out the overall sequence and identify key frames. And you can also see notes on a "soundtrack" - the exact timing for excerpting a section from a sentimental favorite of mine, "Spanish Moss" - both the original Gordon Lightfoot tune, plus an absolutely fantastic cover done by Roland Kipling that I stumbled across on YouTube (extra-special thanks for kind permission to excerpt!).

Definitely that and the sound FX (check out add another whole dimension and feeling to the skit, which is essentially one long setup for an off-camera ending (wait until after the credits) that completes the gag. Even the text frames are basically used as delivery devices to pace out and slow down the sequence until the payoff. Not to mention it's a great opportunity any excuse to abuse some miscellaneous sound effects! And beside discovering "spammish," I learned the root of "mosh" comes from a Yiddish term "mish-mash." And a hat-tp to the long-lingering influence from the 1987 classic short "Your Face" by Bill Plympton, which to this day still occupies the top echelon in the pantheon of all-time animation greats (check out this documentary in the works too).

The completed storyboard pages are below the fold, and hopefully there'll be a finished product posted sooner than later, a more fully rendered version inked in and colored.

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