Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Alligator Tears"

As it happens, only last week was I alerted to a tragic event that's literally contaminated my pastoral and picturesque recollections of all the times spent upon the Ogeechee River here in Georgia. 
King America Finishing, Inc. was busted dumping chemicals into the Ogeechee River for the past six years without alerting the Georgia Environmental Protection Department (who seriously needs a better spokes person with at least some sense of tact after being quoted at a recent community meeting “We said the water was safe for swimming. We didn’t presume people would be dumb enough to swim with a bunch of dead fish”). As has been astutely pointed out by some local editorials, the legislative response has been more than a little disingenuous since these have been the very same politicians from the very same party who have been responsible for systematically undermining "intrusive and burdensome" regulatory oversights at the local, state and federal levels. 
You bastards. 
Hard to tell which is more toxic, the effluent lies from their lips or the sewage pumped out from the companies who pay them off.

Class action suit alleges company knowingly released caustic chemicals into Ogeechee

And so this editorial panel serves as an unfortunate postmortem postscript to the nostalgic memories I have of a truly special time and place...

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  1. Awful. Thanks for calling this to our attention.