Monday, September 12, 2011

Urban Cartoons

For an assignment in a Beginning Cartooning class taken as a prerequisite while in graduate school. The task was to draw a single-panel gag cartoon using a cliched phrase as a caption, and additionally I was experimenting with using texture/cross-hatching for a different style (obviously went a wee bit overboard). Also one can tell just how well I was not adjusting to city life... little wonder I went running for cover back to the woods, or as the case was back to the bayous every chance I got. Some folks questioned my eventual move from the city to a small rental on the banks of a river, since there were snakes and alligators and all sorts of creepy characters out there, but as I said - "those are my people."

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  2. Thanks - someday (sooner than later given my current location for the next ten weeks) I may just have to revisit both this style + content...