Thursday, September 8, 2011

Internship P.S.

This image (a slightly edited remix) perfectly encapsulates my summer internship at Acadia, generating two bodies of work in both pen & ink illustration and dozens of cartoons for use in various media and print publications for the National Park. Being fluent in multiple styles, as shown here, can be a marketable asset, and (along with being able to work fast) are hallmarks of both cartooning and commercial art. Plus it's been awesome having the chance to interact with and amuse educate the public - but this time outside of any formal classroom setting.

Total immersion in this new environment has really rebooted the creative juices, and there's no shortage of material and inspiration in this neck of the woods. Or in my experience... anywhere for that matter. 

On my last day of work for the season, while on the mail-boat ferry ride out to the island, caught sight of the first  flock of geese winging their way south... portentous!

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