Monday, September 5, 2011

Stone Bridge

One last illustration in the recent theme: even more obsessive stippling - what's my secret? Try inking at a picnic table that also happens to be swarming with carpenter ants for that extra spontaneity in your art.
Acadia National Park is dotted with these herculean stone bridges, mostly all over the network of carriage roads. This particular one is located where the Gorge Path (a strenuous trail that runs between Cadillac and Dorr Mountains) dumps out onto the Park Loop Road. After a long, hot hike I sought temporary refuge in true troll-fashion underneath it, deep where the cool waters of a stream passed close by, just perfect for a dunking. Normally I don't draw from pictures, but after looking around at some other options while field sketching for reference images, I opted instead to use this interesting composition based on a shot taken earlier this spring.

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