Monday, March 7, 2011

V-Day Redux

Took out a new nib out for a test-drive. This'll probably get turned into next year's holiday panel, or the idea will be recycled: I actually thought a hairbrush might be better to use instead of a pincushion. Not sure if anybody still uses them anyways, and the one I drew is from memory of my mom's, so I have no idea what a contemporary pincushion looks like. Or if there is such a thing. One hopes that there might still be some old-fashioned holdouts, simple and trusty designs which can't be improved upon through technological advancements (modern sewing machines rank up there with my understanding on how the microwave works). But then again, I recently saw an ad for a revolutionary new needle that solves the problem of threading the eye, excepting camels and rich people.

Anyways, this prickly, cantankerous cartoonist wanted to post it as a belated Valentine's Day card: I'm a little slow. About a lot of things. 

(underneath he's just a baby)

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