Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Biggest's Not Brightest" (or Better) x's 2

Putting up these panels as a post about literally going back to the drawing board. Go ahead and flog it 'til you're finished, and then do it all over again. Taking a different perspective changes everything, sometimes even for the better. And what the hell, throw in some mushrooms. I much prefer this underplayed version instead of the initial pass, which just didn't seem to sit quite right. Edit, edit, edit: reworking the composition to try out another POV improved it (the drawing, not the gag) - sans tongue action, wiggle marks and grunt balloons (now doesn't that sounds kinda fun). Especially prefer the "yeah what ever" expression on the cow, now, which brings up an interesting point to ponder, that of gaze. Breaking that barrier between the reader and a character has always fascinated me: for those keeping score at home, this would be an example of an extradiegetic device, or “direct address” where a figure in the panel directly connects with eye contact to a viewer. That, or you could just call it pole-vaulting over moose nuggets again.

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