Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Resting on Laureates (Updated)

In a press release announcing that "no other state in the country has a cartoonist laureate" Vermont is erroneously credited as having the "nation's 1st Cartoon Laureate." 
Technically that honor would belong to Alaskan cartoonist Chad Carpenter, who in August of 2008 was officially presented with a legislative citation honoring him as Alaska's Cartoon Laureate. Now appearing in over 300 newspapers around the country, Carpenter serves also as a great example of successful self-syndication.

Relatively minor point of clarification, as the work of James Kochalka certainly deserves commendation, and as far as spotlighting cartoon talent in America, the more the merrier.

*Update: oversight corrected... now if we can just get the Library of Congress on board, how cool would that be...

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