Sunday, January 2, 2011

Golden Eagle Saloon: Men's Room Exhibit

It really was that blurry...
 Now that there is some Fine Art. Wash, rinse (repeat).

Let's hear it for alternative venues, and a last-minute spur of the moment solution as to what the hell to do with all the assorted framed figure drawings laying around the cabin. The pieces were all from the last bout of figure drawings printed up in large-format (posted here).
When the choice is between the dumpster or a dive (not to be confused with dumpster diving)... well hey, who's got any loose screws and a power tool? 
Not only was this the right bar to pop a question like that in, it also was probably one of the few where the women were rather miffed at being left out, seeing as how their restroom has similar cheese beefcake pictures adorning their walls. 
Now, normally one doesn't particularly have much appreciation for, much less the aesthetic fortitude to look too closely at the walls in such a fine establishment as this, but the utter crap that was already up in there (beer distributor poster-girl caliber) needed some serious embellishment. Not that it's the artistic equivalent of casting ones pearls (more like clutching them in this instance) by putting up work in such an unorthodox outlet, it's something to look forward too upon my return to see what happens to these. Somehow I don't think they'll survive intact for too long, or at the least be spared the inevitable editing courtesy of a caveman drunk Esterite bearing a burnt stick dull Sharpie. 
 Needless to say, during the Stiff Hairy Pelt party, I enjoyed ushering various folks into the stalls for private viewings: even if there wasn't much appetite for the hors d'Ĺ“uvres, the general consensus was that they were all well hung.
Sit and think about it...

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