Saturday, December 4, 2010

Student Pages (Excerpts)

The Beginning Drawing class turned in their pages for the fourth Critique, "Image & Text," and many if not most of the students did some truly fantastic work. Posted here are just a handful of pages culled from the booklets that were handed out as part of the group effort, which makes for both a great collection and a nice memento, plus demonstrates the wide range of both intimate and expressive topics and techniques possible in this medium.
Due to the speed-bump of our Icepocalypse, the semester's schedule went outta synch at the end, and we weren't able to get these in the pipeline in time for submission to the student show, but as a consolation of sorts I did manage to sneak in one last showcase off in a side hallway right around the corner from the department's gallery. So at least they got some exposure during the high-traffic of the opening and the last week of classes. Wish I had the time and space to display all of them, both in the department and on the blog!
Speaking of which, our group was prominently featured amongst the juried works (including several of the esamples posted here): several pieces are up in the gallery with five more smaller-sized ones in the main hallway showcase - just over half the total of fifteen drawings in the entire show. Many of the rejected pieces were disqualified not because of the quality of the work, but suffered primarily from presentation, ie poor matting/framing. That's probably one of the easiest and simultaneously hardest cuts to make as a juror: the comparatively simplest criteria to meet after creating any artwork is formatting it into a conventional, institutionally-approved presentation. And that's one explanation as to how some some comparably poorer pieces made it into the show and (in my humble opinion) much better ones rejected. It doesn't matter what a swell person you are - sometimes a shower, shave and clean clothes can go a long way. Excepting maybe in Alaska.

Sample pages below the fold...

(Ariel Beaty)

(Kelsea Wester)
(Kiara Crawford)
(Kyle Moehlin)
(Amara Simmons)
(Kayla Bishop)

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