Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Portrait of the Artist"

Subtitled "... as a Deranged Cabin-dwelling Cartoonist"
Actually my favorite picture ever taken of me, by the lovely and talented Diane Hunt - whom I'm joining for a temporary relocation to the great state of Maine. Consequently I'll be on blogging hiatus for a month or so until I get resettled: to tide y'all over there will be a series of posts that will feature some historical stuff from highschool ("Old School"), followed by a trip through the early Alaskan archive ("Cheechako").
They'll be automatically published 6x's a week, Monday-Saturday, but I'll intermittently be checking for any random comments while on the road during the occasional pit-stops in Iowa and New York. 
Until then, thank you folks for visiting!


  1. Great photo! Have a wonderful trip...but not so wonderful that you don't come back!

  2. Thanks! We're at the moment having coffee in historic downtown Galena, IL. The two cats survived the flight (me, I need a mental litterbox!).