Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Everything Is Big & Hairy" (Kid Stuff)

Always fun to look at kid's art: since I don't have any of my own, my refrigerator is always festooned with other peoples. The similarity in style on these posted samples are from obviously copying along with me, but there's always some great deviations and unique spins put on the interpretations. These were from in 2004 when I did a workshop for the Fairbanks Weavers & Spinners Guild, who at the time was picking up the slack in the community after the Fine Arts Camp for kids went under, leaving a positive outlet vacuum for talented youngsters.  
And as an addendum, I just got a spiffy email follow-up from a participant in an earlier workshop with some art teachers getting their certification:
"...just wanted to let you know the lesson I taught about you was a hit. I had my 5th and 6th grade students make mini comic books, which was one of your ideas you shared. They absolutely loved making their very own comic book. I had them pick an event from their life that was either a top 10 best or worst event for the topic of their comic book.  
I will definitely use this comic book idea in my future teaching because it reaches students in such a unique way. I just want to say thank you again for all the time you spent explaining your life's passion to us, I certainly learned a lot I didn't know before and it helped greatly in teaching the local artist lesson."
I replied that teaching's an awful lot like drawing the cartoon sometimes, in that you just constantly keep dumping chum in the water, hoping for a nibble, maybe even a hit every now and then.

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