Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Official Ink & Snow Voter's Guide

Feel free to rip off & repost - in fact, given the recent Murkowski pamphleteering shenanigans maybe I can get the Alaska Division of Elections to hand this handy guide out at all the polling sites across the state. Plus I was thinking it'd double as a new field-sobriety test where they'd make you have to correctly spell "Murkowski" and then walk a really, really fine line.

Runner-ups: "Tastes Sedate - Less Thrilling," the classic Guinness tag "Out of the Darkness Comes Light" and "Democrat's Duff" (I learned that "duff" is  Gaelic for "dark"). 
Rumor has it there'll be election-night victory/consolations at the Golden Eagle Tuesday, November 2nd. Speaking of cases: best. graphic. ever. 
*hat-tip Packy89 via A Bodenstown Perspective...

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