Sunday, October 24, 2010

Likely Scenario: Right-In

Given the history of write-in candidacies in Alaska, on top of the considerable logistical improbabilities and impossibilities, the Murcowskee incumbency campaign will confront the statistical reality of illiteracy, functional or otherwise. In 1988, a write-in Republican's name was misspelled on approximately 20% of the ballots - thousands of voters couldn't handle the name Robin Taylor. Doesn't instill much in the way of confidence for the Myhrkyowski camp.
Neither does Mirkowskee's pathetic poaching of Democratic voters with transparent lies or Myorcyowysky's brazenly illegal pamphleteering efforts: desperation must be dawning. Referring of course to the impending all-nighter on Tuesday, November 2nd... already stocking up on coffee and other crucial supplies.

This calls for dusting off a classic Muircahwuheske panel from yore... 


  1. Jamie,
    Sorry for missing your email! FEEL FREE to use the "Miller Genuine Daft" logo. A high-res version is at Twitpic, posted by the guy who built it, Packy89.
    He has granted full permission for use by anyone who might find it handy.

  2. Thanks Wolfe - will be posting that ASAP with a totally appropriate panel.